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Jan 23, 2013 6:00am EST
, why don't we have a budget and what's the problem in washington? nobody says harry reid. do people know that has the way he's running the senate right now? i mean, it's a waw -- >> i know it. >>> heard republicans say it. when people listen, it sounds like angry republicans. you guys need a new pr department or something. >> here's what i think happens here. the most prominent job in all of congress is the speaker of the house and the speaker of the house is a republican. the republicans pass all kinds of legislation including budget resolutions and bills and sweeping reforms an gets killed in the senate by the democrats who then blame the republicans for not doing anything. unfortunately, it's nworked wel for them. maybe we do need pr. this is a step in the right direction driving this message. i want to offset the tdebt increase with spending cuts but are putting a spotlight on the spending problem. >> they have media enablers almost. we are almost at 8% unemployment and growing below plan for the fifth straight year, more than that, probably and growth solves everything and jobs
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> like harry reid's great disappointing act. harry reid is not very popular at this point, either. hiding division among democrats by turning to the world's least conservative body. they haven't done anything and no budget. that's what's interesting about that great congress number, you add up people who hate congress from both sides. >> yeah. 81% is a big number. that is the one thang that ordinary americans and both parties, independents, as well, agree on. >> not just the nasty tea party republicans in the house. anyway, john, thank you. your haircut looks good. >> thanks, man. >> you're welcome. and duke looked good yesterday. >> i was going to say, there are some of us who were not watching the oprah interview because we had important things to do. >> i had to wash my hair and my nails. >> you guys get a second chance tonight. >> like him. >> like you're giving him. >> go ahead. >>> coming up, the story behind the drop in intel shares, we're going to talk about it. plus, we're gearing up for ow newsmaker of the morning. we have morgan stanley's ceo james gorman joining us lik
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2